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The modern kitchen with innumerable options. The attention to detail and the minimalist design turn each composition into a unique model. Infinity is a flexible kitchen that creates a dynamic and creative space where everything is possible. Unique style with design solutions of northern European inspiration but also urban compositions with combinations and finishes from the characteristic waters of natural wood to the technological materials such as Fenix and the environmentally friendly PET. Customizable solutions depending on the aesthetic and functional needs of the customer. The Diagonal handle owes its name to the special recessed handle that forms a diagonal. The innovative design and the careful selection of finishes and materials turn the kitchen door into a distinctive element that characterizes the whole environment, delimiting the spaces with its style. Alternation of light and dark shades, combinations of colors and materials, balance of volumes and aesthetic exploitation of full and empty spaces: Infinity design stands out for attention to detail and is enriched with technological elements harmoniously integrated into a kitchen that is distinguished for its style and personality .
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