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Color Trend

Lava matt lacquer and Color Trend matt lacquer Grigio Daytona. A combination of light and dark shades, which emphasize the different zones of the kitchen. The lacquered door transforms the environment into a space of creativity with colorful and customizable compositions. Its name indicates the identity of Color Trend: a model characterized by the smooth door that is available in different colors, monochrome or in combinations. The result is a special decorative intervention based on the alternation of colors between the various elements of the space: the furniture communicates through the colors and the kitchen can express all its originality. Personalization is another feature that distinguishes the Color Trend: kitchen doors create a continuous surface that turns into a space with innumerable possibilities. With the color changes created by the combination of different shades or the pure and simple monochrome composition, Color Trend is the kitchen that meets the aesthetic and functional requirements of the customer. A kitchen that is personalized not only with the choice of accessories and finishes, but also with the ability to create unique compositions by combining with other models. Color Trend is a multidimensional model that is the maximum expression of Stosa’s design flexibility as, by combining different models, it allows the creation of a home space that satisfies personal desires and needs.
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