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Contemporary design and memories of the past. The kitchen in 3 styles: Modern, International and Classic. A look dedicated to living in urban spaces, with harmonious and simple lines, which find their maximum expression in the dynamism of the volumes and in the elegance of the details. Inner compositions in which we find intimacy again to protect ourselves from external chaos. A mood for a modern kitchen, where the beauty was born from the desired contrast between the simplicity of the lines and the precious details, reminiscent of tradition. The elegant combination between the refined colors and the original finishes allows irritating composition proposals, with an eclectic and creative personality. A style for compositions with a charming and welcoming aesthetic. A refined and modern composition inside a mood that evokes other eras, with solutions that aim to meet modern requirements, through design details. Large and shared spaces stimulate the search for social contacts and the harmonious desire to live with work in the kitchen and relaxation in the living room, centers of our daily lives.
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